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HECTOR VEJAR (805 Massage Company Owner) is the great-grandson of Miguel Partida-Estrada, a locally famous natural healer and herbalist in Tomatlán, Jalisco, Mexico. Partida-Estrada was especially known for his healing hands, which almost seemed to hold magic.

As a child, Hector often volunteered to massage family members’ sore shoulders or feet. Amazed relatives told him that he’d inherited his grandfather’s gift for healing through touch. Hector started to learn and to practice massage within his own family, then went on to formal training at Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute. There, he completed the Holistic Massage Therapist program with more than 1,000 hours of training, and learned 21 massage styles.

Hector continues to study advanced massage and healing techniques, and is always adding to his knowledge of different massage modalities. Massage is his passion and his lineage, and he
is proud to carry on the magic of his
great-grandfather’s healing hands.

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